Michael_R_Davis_1                             MICHAEL RAY DAVIS

Michael_R_Davis                                     DEFENDANT


                                                                       Credit Card Fraud, Bank Fraud,

                                                                                Wire Fraud, Embezzlement


                                                                                   Filed 08/06/2009

                                                                         FINAL Judgment 09/01/2010


$190,602 in damages


                                                                              Cause No. 09-09868

101st District Court

Dallas County, Dallas, TX


Petition      Restraining Order      Default Judgment     Findings Of Fact     FINAL Judgment w/ Damages

Summary of Suit:

Plaintiffs sue over fraudulent bank activities of Michael Ray Davis, a former executive of Hilton Head Properties.   Suit filed on 08/06/2009, Temporary Restraining Order against Michael Davis was granted on 08/11/2009 by the Judge. 


Primary Claimed Actions:

-         Fraudulently applying for a credit card (loan) under Maelstrom Properties, LLC without the knowledge of the company.

-         Fraudulently accepting and using such card up to $9,000.

-         Fraudulent online access to bank accounts of Hilton Head Finance and Hilton Head Properties, even after terminated from Hilton Head Properties.

-         Fraudulent online transfer of money from Hilton Head Finance to account controlled by Michael R. Davis.


Current Status:

08/10/2009 – Sheriff attempted service at Michael R. Davis’s office at 511 W. Ave A, Garland, Tx  75040, as Davis advises on websites that is his office address.  Address was a boarded up building with no utilities. Michael Davis was personally served with the suit at his home at 1701 Russell Drive, Garland, TX  75040.

08/27/2009 – Judge ordered a Temporary Injunction against Michael R. Davis to not further access Plaintiffs bank accounts online or otherwise.

09/09/2009 – Judge granted Interlocutory Summary Judgment against Michael Davis as to liability, damages to be pled in open court on a later date.


04/28/2010 – After the Court hearing considerable evidence against Michael R. Davis, the Judge made a determination that Michael R. Davis did commit acts of Fraud, Embezzlement, Conversion, Theft, Invasion of Privacy and Violations of the Texas Wiretap Act [Findings Of Fact & Conclusions of Law] Judgment against Michael Davis as to liability, damages to be pled in open court on a later date.

04/28/2010 – After the Court determined the Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law - the Court found Michael R. Davis GUILTY on all cause of action and granted to Plaintiffs Maelstrom Properties, LLC, Hilton Head Properties, Inc., and Hilton Head Finance, LLC a Final Judgment against Michael R. Davis, including damages in the amount of $190,602.48 plus Court Cost and Legal Fees to prosecute the case [FINAL JUDGMENT WITH DAMAGES]



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