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Filed 08/03/2009

FINAL Judgment 9/1/2010


$7.9 million in damages


Cause No. 09-09666

298TH District Court

Dallas County, Dallas, TX


Petition      Default Judgment     Findings Of Fact     FINAL Judgment w/ Damages


Summary of Suit:

Plaintiffs Hilton Head Properties and ‘Chase’ D. Fonteno sued over numerous false statements by Michael R. Davis, a former employee of Hilton Head Properties, including Mr Davis impersonating other employees and clients when posting false statements on the Rip0ffR3port, an extortion slander & defamation site (name slightly changed to not give them even more traffic).    


Primary Claimed Actions:

-         Impersonating employees, vendors, clients, investors, etc. and under such impersonation, posting false statements on websites throughout the internet with intent to damage ‘Chase’ D. Fonteno and Hilton Head Properties.

-         Defamation & Libel by sending and making false statements in person and by U.S. Mail to HHP’s and Chase D Fonteno’s clients, partners, investors, shareholders, friends, family members and others.

-         Impersonating Chase Fonteno on websites, bank accounts and trade accounts

-         Posting false statements on Twitter.com, Facebook.com, and other social network sites.

-         Creating and posting false information on www.Chase-Fonteno.com for the purpose of damaging Chase D. Fonteno (site is now down by court order)

-         False statements have included: Theft of Vehicle, Recent Arrest, Eviction, Illegal Activities, false and degrading statements about Mr Fonteno’s personal life and more…



Current Status:

08/07/2009 – Sheriff attempted service at Michael R. Davis’s office at 511 W. Ave A, Garland, Tx  75040, as Davis advises on websites that is his office address.  Address was a boarded up building with no utilities. Michael Davis was personally served with the suit at his home at 1701 Russell Drive, Garland, TX  75040.

10/21/2009 – Defendant never responded to the suit.  The Judge granted a Default Judgment against Michael R. Davis as to the liability of his actions.  Damages are to be pled in open court on a later date.

09/01/2010 -  JUDGMENT against Michael R. Davis for making false statements posted on the internet (under his name and using other people’s names without permission), by mail and other mediums to harm Hilton Head Properties and ‘Chase’ D. Fonteno  for:

-               $4,137,000 to Hilton Head Properties, Inc.

-               $3,804,500 to ‘Chase’ D. Fonteno

-               Domain name www.chase-fonteno.com turned over to ‘Chase’ D. Fonteno


Case Info:


Chase D Fonteno / HHP vs. Michael Davis – Case History


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