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Hilton Head Properties, a Dallas based Real Estate Investment company since 1999 hired Michael Ray Davis in 2007, based on an amazing CV (Resume) showing he was a Vice President of Finance with a large company in Dallas and former Vice President of Finance with Coke a Cola.  But in truth, Mr Davis was actually a con-man that had just been released from US Federal Prison for Loan Fraud and was on Parole.  Mr Davis was hired into Hilton Head's Finance Dept to manage the many bank accounts the company had and handle Bank Relations - not a smart idea for Hilton Head, but they did not know his true background.  Mr Davis began immediately, secretly using Hilton Head's bank contact to create unknown bank accounts, credit card accounts and loan accounts with Hilton Head and it's President 'Chase' D. Fonteno's personal information to do so.  






This went on for over 9 months.  When Hilton Head Properties announced they were moving the company from 1401 Elm St. to the Penthouse of 400 N. St Paul Street in Dallas, Texas and changing the manner they did their banking - Mr Davis knew his crimes were about to be found out.

To continue his Theft, Embezzlement and Fraud, he decided to keep the company busy by posting very negative and false things on the internet anonymously and pretending to be former employees, customers and investors making negative statements about Hilton Head Properties and Chase Fonteno.  

The history of his actions is listed at the botton left of this page.   His actions worked. He kept the company busy trying to figure what was going on for many months, and even paying him to work late to help do research to find out what was going on (hiring the criminal to protect the bank).

Michael Davis created websites with false information on it - even saying that the FBI and the IRS were trying to find Mr Fonteno (odd, he had the entire 38th floor of a downtown office building and friends with one of the District Attorneys - not really hard to find - because the FBI and IRS were not trying to find Mr Fonteno.  Then using Mr Fonteno's personal information was able to steal access to Mr Fonteno's Twitter,  Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Instgram and other accounts - and proceeded to 'announce' that Mr Fonteno had decided to let everyone know he was 'gay'.  Also not true.  It took 3 months to get back control of his accounts - why?  Because he had Michael Davis contacting Twitter, Facebook and other social sites to help get back control (of accounts that Michael Davis secretly had control of).

Not getting the type of reaction he was wanting, Mr Davis then began posting on a criminal website called the RipOffReport - for over 6 months, pretending to be former employees, investors and customers.  An investigator obtained the IP addresses used to access each of these - all were accessed by two IP addresses, the same two IP addresses that were used to access Michael Davis's company email.  The IP address at his desk at Hilton Head Properties and the IP address at his home.

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But Mr Davis had more ideas up his sleeve to keep Hilton Head busy so they did not find his Fraud, Theft and Embezzlement.  He contacted the IRS and the Dallas District Attorney making claims of selling stolen property and hiding money from the IRS.  The IRS arrived in Hilton Head's new offices 3 days after they moved to new offices - stating they had a 'reliable source' that Hilton Head was hiding income - and they stayed for 4 months doing an investigation - only to find out the claims from their 'reliable source' were not true.  And 5 days after Hilton Head moved to their new offices - the Dallas District Attorney arrived with a subpoena to start carting files out of the office.  Fortunately - a friend of Mr Fonteno's that was a former District Attorney was there and he convinced them that Hilton Head would deliver all they wished.  Hilton Head delivered so many documents that finally the District Attorney advised they did not need anything else - and eventually dropped the investigation when they realized their 'reliable source' had given them false information.

Then Mr Davis, who knew about a former employee that Mr Fonteno fired (Wes Giliand) who was doing bad and even possible criminal real estate deals.   And Mr Davis knew that often the company would receive phone calls from individuals Mr Giliand was deceiving - but advised that Hilton Head had nothing to do with Mr Giliand and his business dealings.   Mr Davis went to several of these individuals without at the office knowing at the time - and advised these individuals that "Wes Giliand is not the real criminal - it is his bosss 'Chase  Fonteno' - you should call Channel 11 News and they can maybe help you.  Channel 11 did a video News Story using mostly false information provided by the man in disguise on the video - Michael Davis.  After it aired and Mr Fonteno's attorney provided facts to prove it was not true and Hilton Head and Mr Fonteno were about to sue for damages - the video news story was taken down - but not before Michael Davis copied it and then posted it on websites all over the world.  Including Yahoo Video Japan.  Fortunately after the lawsuit and a Judge issuing judgment that made it clear that the information was not true - most video sites in the world took the video off the air.  Except Vimeo, MetaCafe and a few others that are now being sued individually to have them removed.  That video is the single biggest problem Michael Davis created.  People typically like video over reading anything and they usually don't do any research.  So if they see a video - they assume it is FACT.  And even though there is lots of information now on the internet of what happened and that the video is not true - people only see the video and make their decision.

Hilton Head - before the lawsuit still not knowing what was going on 9 months later - finally had a break when Michael Davis did not show up for work for 3 weeks.  Needing information on his company computer, Hilton Head's Exec. Assistant to Mr Fonteno went into his office to get it and what she found on his computer was shocking.   Ground Zero for the False Attacks on Hilton Head and Mr Fonteno.  And about that same time is when Hilton Head found out about the Theft, Embezzling and Fraud Michael Davis had been comitting.

Mr Fonteno and two company attorneys went to the District Attorney to file a Theft complaint - and they were told 'no'.  They would not take such a complaint because Michael Davis was their key witness in the investigation against Mr Fonteno and Hilton Head (the investigation they later realized was based on false information from Michael  Davis).

Further research by an Investigator that Mr Fonteno hired, ended up proving that Mr Davis had control of Mr Fonteno's Twitter, Facebook and other social network sites.  That Mr Davis had been the one that wrote letters to Mr Fonteno (and other executives) family members.  Mr Davis was the one that wrote ALL the report on the RipOffReport.  Mr Davis was the one that owned the websites that had many false statements about Hilton Head and Mr  Fonteno.  Mr Davis was the anonymous man behind the screen in the video news done by Channel 11 and that Mr Davis is the one that provided false information to Dallas Morning News, Channel 11, Univision, IRS, Dallas Dallas District Attorney and so many more things.

Oddly - the Dallas District Attorney never did take a case against Michael Davis for the Theft, Fraud and Embezzlement.  But Michael Davis's Parole officer did.  She put him back in US Federal Prision for violating his Parole.



On 09/01/2010 - Michael Ray Davis was found GUILTY of damaging Chase Fonteno and Hilton Head Properties

including by creating False Websites, False Information to Channel 11 News, False information to Dallas Morning News,

False information posted on the RipOffReport, False information to the IRS, False information to the Dallas DA


On 09/01/2010 the Court ORDERED Michael Ray Davis to pay to 

'Chase' Douglas Fonteno & Hilton Head Properties $7.9 million
for damaging Mr Fonteno and Hilton Head's reputation


Cause No. 09-09666

298TH District Court

Dallas County, Dallas, TX

(Copies of Court Documents are Available by Clicking the Links below) 

Petition      Default Judgment     Findings Of Fact     FINAL Judgment w/ Damages

Summary of Suit:

Michael R. Davis, a criminal that was released from Federal Prison for Financal Fraud.  Mr Davis interviewed for a job with Hilton Head Properties and provided a CV (Resume) that had false information on it and Hilton Head Properties hired Mr Davis to work in their Finance Department.   Mr Davis a few months after being hired, began using Hilton Head Properties and its President, 'Chase' D. Fonteno' information with their bank to get credit cards and set up bank accounts to embezzle money and borrow money under Mr Fonteno and Hilton Head Properties name.  Mr Davis provided a new address to the bank, so the company and Mr Fonteno were unaware of what Mr Davis was doing for almost a year.


In 2008, Hilton Head Properties was moving their offices and the company was changing banks - Mr Davis knew he the company was about find out his Theft, Embezzlement and Fraud.  So Mr Davis began creating problems for Mr Fonteno and Hilton Head Properties anonymously by creating websites, doing many postings on RipOffReport pretending to be former employees, former customers and former investors.  


Mr Davis was also aware of a former employee of Hilton Head Properties that was fired for bad business deals and that former employee would continue to do criminal deals after he left Hilton Head.  The company would get phone calls often about this employee (Wes Giliand).   Mr Davis contacted individuals who Mr Giliand had defrauded and stated "Mr Giliand actually was only doing what Mr Chase Fonteno told him to do - you should contact Channel 11 News so they will write a story".  And these individuals did.   Mr Davis also appeared on this news story by Channel 11 as the 'secret man behind the screen'.  Mr Davis also contacted the Internal Revenue Service and the Dallas District Attorney - advising of false business and criminal actions.  Both the IRS and the Dallas District Attorney began investigations - that lasted almost a year - only to find out that the claims made by Mr Michael  Davis were FALSE.


Mr Michael Davis also, using Mr Fonteno's personal information, got control of Mr Fonteno's Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networks and began making statements as if it was Mr Fonteno making such statements - that Mr Fonteno was 'gay' and other slander statements.


Finally - when Hilton Head Properties moved offices and Mr Davis did not show up at work, Mr Fonteno's Exec. Assistant found on Mr Davis's company computer - Mr Davis Fraud, Embezzlement and Theft and more.  And after an investigation - the company and Mr Chase Fonteno also found out that Mr Davis was the one that posted FALSE STATEMETNS on the Internet and a suit that was being prepared against Channel 11 News for FALSE NEWS STORY - it was revealed that MICHAEL DAVIS was the one that provided all the false information to Channel 11 News.   The Video News Story was taken down by Channel 11 - but Mr Davis first copied it and posted it on video sites all over the world.


Mr. Chase Fonteno and Hilton Head Properties files suit against Michael Davis for:  Mr Davis impersonating Mr Fonteno on internet and at the bank, Fraud, Embezzlement, Impersonating Company Employees and Investors and Customers.  For FALSE statements on internet.  For FALSE information to Channel 11 News.  For FALSE statements on RipOffReport.    And for Slander, Libel, Extortion, Defamation and more.   After 1 Year of going to Court - The Court finally found MICHAEL RAY DAVIS - GUILT OF ALL VIOLATIONS against Chase D. Fonteno and Hilton Head Properties and ordered to pay $7.9 Million in damages. 


Primary Claimed Actions:

-         Impersonating employees, vendors, clients, investors, etc. and under such impersonation, posting false statements on websites throughout the internet with intent to damage ‘Chase’ D. Fonteno and Hilton Head  Properties.

-         Defamation & Libel by sending and making false statements in person and by U.S. Mail to HHP’s and Chase D Fonteno’s clients, partners, investors, shareholders, friends, family members and others.

-         Impersonating Chase Fonteno on websites, bank accounts and trade accounts

-         Posting false statements on Twitter.com, Facebook.com, and other social network sites.

-         Creating and posting false information on www.Chase-Fonteno.com for the purpose of damaging Chase D. Fonteno (site is now down by court order)

-         False statements have included: Theft of Vehicle, Recent Arrest, Eviction, Illegal Activities, false and degrading statements about Mr Fonteno’s personal life and more…




Mid - 2007 - Michael Davis was released from Federal Prison, but on Parole

Mid - 2007 - Michael  Davis was hired by Hilton Head Properties based on false CV / Resume

Early - 2008 - Michael Davis begins creating accounts Fake Accounts at Wells Fargo Bank and borrowning money under the name of Hilton Head Properties and Chase Fonteno

Late - 2008 - Hilton Head Properties begins to move their offices from 1401 Elm St to 400 N. St Paul St.   Michael Davis realizes his Fraud, Theft and Embezzlement is about to be found out.  It will send him back to prison.

Late 2008 -  Michael Davis begins posting on RipOffReport false statements of Fonteno and Hilton Head Properties pretending to be customers, former employees and investors.  First posting 12/6/08.  Then more postings 2/26/09, 3/9/09, 4/18/09, 5/30/09, 6/6/09, 6/12/09, 7/13/09, 7/17/09, 7/22/09, 7/30/09, 9/1/09

05/08/2009 - Hilton Head Properties moves offices to 400 N. St Paul St., Penthouse

05/18/2009 - Dallas District Attorney shows up 1 week after company moves, stating they are there to do investigation - they have a 'reliable source' that Fonteno and Hilton Head Properties are doing criminal actions.  The 'investigation'  last over 9 months.  Finally determining that their 'reliable source' provided FALSE information.  Legal cost to company - over $40,000

05/21/2009 - Channel 11 News shows up at company's new offices (same week as DA) wanting to interview Mr Fonteno about illegal real estate deals.  Company does not allow interview, but has attorney contact Channel 11 to provide any response to any questions they have.  The said no - they had a 'reliable source' and would just write story from that 'reliable source'.  When the story aired - it was obvious someone was seeking to destroy company or Mr Fonteno - but not sure why.  Channel 11 was provided proof their story was false and advise the company was suing.  The story was taken down off their website.  But apparently Michael Davis copied it to post on video sites all over the world for the next 9 months.

5/25/2009 -  US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) shows  up at Hilton Head's offices in the 2nd week after the move - advising they have a 'reliable source' that Hilton Head and Mr Fonteno are earning income and hiding it from the Government.  And they are there to do investigation.   The place 3 IRS agents in Hilton Head's offices for 6 months - and talk to ALL current employees - and contact ALMOST EVERY one of the over 200 former employees of the company.   The determine that their 'reliable source' lied and provided FALSE information to them about earning income and not reporting it.

6/15/2009 -  Hilton Head Properties finds out that 'someone' is posting many things on internet about company and its President Chase Fonteno that are false - Hilton Head hires investigator to find out why and who.

7/11/2009 -  Hilton Head Properties is advised by bank that there are MANY loans and other odd transactions related to the company by Michael Davis.  The company realizes that Michael Davis has been embezzling and defrauding the company.  Mr Davis has not been at the office for over 3 weeks - supposedly on a vacation.

7/15/2009 -  Hilton Head Properties and Chase Fonteno are advised by the Investigator that they hired that:  Mr Davis was the poster of all things on RipOffReport.  Mr Davis was owner of the websites that made false statements on internet.  Mr Davis was the one that caused the FALSE news story with Channel 11.  Mr Davis was the one that contacted the IRS and the Dallas DA.  And Mr Davis also had sent many letters anonymously to 'many' people the company and Mr Fonteno do business with.  

8/03/2009 -  Hilton Head Properties files 2 lawsuits.  One for the Theft / Embezzlement / Fraud of Hilton Head Properties and several companies that Hilton Head Properties owns.  And the second lawsuit for the Slander, Libel, False Statements made on Intenet, False Statements made to Channel 11 / IRS / Dallas DA / RipOffReport and more.

8/07/2009 – Sheriff attempted service at Michael R. Davis’s office at 511 W. Ave A, Garland, Tx  75040, as Davis advises on websites that is his office address.  Address was a boarded up building with no utilities. Michael Davis was personally served with the suit at his home at 1701 Russell Drive, Garland, TX  75040.

09/01/2010 -  Trial Date         


             Michael Ray Davis is found GUILTY for all claims and actions he did.    

             Michael Ray Davis is ORDERED by the Judge to pay $7,941,500 in damaged to Hilton Head Properties and Chase D. Fonteno

-               $4,137,000 to Hilton Head Properties, Inc.

-               $3,804,500 to ‘Chase’ D. Fonteno

-               Domain name www.chase-fonteno.com turned over to ‘Chase’ D. Fonteno

-     Video and other false information is to be removed from internet.  (all companies do this except MetaCafe and Vimeo - Hilton Head and Fonteno are now suing these companies)


Late 2010 - Michael Davis went back to Federal Prison for violations of his Parole by the things he did here to Chase D. Fonteno and Hilton Head Properties.  


The Damages that Michael Davis did to Mr Chase D.  Fonteno and Hilton Head Properties will continue to damage them for the rest of their lives.   Unfortunately the internet 'keeps' all things alive -even if a Judge orders them to be removed.  The RipOffReport is a scam / fraud site owned by a criminal who makes money on postings and will never remove them - ever.  Most video sites (Yahoo, Google, Youtube and more all removed the FALSE News Story - but DailyMotion and Vimeo have refused so a new lawsuit is being filed to have the FALSE News Story remove those sites.


The internet is a great tool.  But unfortunately bad individuals can post things that are not true - and most people are too lazy to do research to find out and assume 'if it is on the internet - it must be true'.


Below are 'FACTS' from the Court - you can click on links that will take you to documents from the Court and the Judges Order.  So you have FACTS - not just somethings someone said on the internet.



Case Info:


Chase D Fonteno / HHP vs. Michael Davis – Case History


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